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I hate hospital food. :(

so, i don't usually get into this deep stuff but...
I havent been on the internet in a while. Between blood work, EEG's, MEG's and all of this medical mumbo jumbo in the hospital I haven't had the time to do anything on the computer...It was awful.

I have epilepsy and have taken tons of medicine for it since I was eight but I still have seizures on and off for certain periods of time. The doctors now think that my best choice is brain surgery to remove something called "displasia", which basically causes my seizures, from the brain, the problem is they don't know what lobe it is on. 

I haven't really told any of my friends about it and its uncomfortable talking to my parents about that but still none of them get it, for the first time in my life I'm actually nervous and anxious about something legitimate and things like quiz grades or petty rumors don't mean anything. My parents got me a therapist because they thought it would help, and I could talk to her but in reality its just awkward. She talks to me about things like SATS and my siblings, which are important to me, but right now feel trivial.


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