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27 July
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"you know what word i think is very educational--JAWN."-my best friend...unfortunately.
my name is Lauren. I dont like to be to serious about much, im outgoing and joke around all the time...even if sometimes im the only one laughing. I
just joined LJ to be able to get my expressions out there because at home i have a big family and i need somewhere to get my experssions out besides that giant family lol.
I enjoy just hanging with friends rather then partying b/c with my seizure disorder I can not drink...I also enjoy long walks on the beachs, lol. Hopefully my post will get some sort of emotion out of you and if not..oh well, no offence but i dont give a shit. lol I might annoy you, my grammer might not always be perfect but im me and im writing to let my emotions out not to please others :)